About Puzzilarm

Have you ever had trouble waking up with a sound alarm? Have you set an alarm and just ended up hitting the snooze button until you end up being late? Or maybe you just want to try a new way to get your brain reved up and ready to start the day.

Introducing Puzzilarm (pronounced puz-alarm), the alarm that makes you use your brain in order to turn it off.

Puzzilarm has a variety of simple puzzles that utilize different areas of the brain to bring you out of the depth of sleep. This allows you to feel much more alert, refreshed, and ready to start the day after you wake up. There are 4 key parts to Puzzilarm:

NOTE: Puzzilarm is an UN-SNOOZABLE alarm. Once the alarm starts going off, you have to solve puzzles for the alarm duration to be able to turn it off. This alarm was created to WAKE YOU UP. You have been warned :P.

Puzzilarm mimics other alarm applications to give you a look and feel that is familiar when creating an alarm. Puzzilarm has customizable notification sounds to wake the application up from the background. Once inside the application, you're own custom sound that you have chosen can play for your alarm. There is also an option to randomly select a song from your library and play it so you do not have to hear the same song repeatedly every time you wake up.

NOTE: If your device is on silent mode, the alarm will not sound. This is a limitation of iOS. Make sure to have your device's volume set loud enough so that it will wake you up.

Using the puzzle pool view, you can choose which puzzles will be used by Puzzilarm, just in case there is a puzzle that you do not particularly like, there is no reason for you to have to solve that type of puzzle.

If you are still having trouble waking up with Puzzilarm, then try altering the alarm duration and reset timer on the settings tab. Increasing the alarm duration will help you wake up by allowing you to solve puzzles for a longer period of time. Lowering the reset timer will change the time you have to answer. Try setting the reset timer to 5 seconds to really challenge yourself.