Contracting Services

Ryan "Cold" Bush has been a contracter in the mobile industry with an emphasis on iOS since 2009. He knows the iOS Software Development Kit from back to front and is constantly learning the new technoligies that become available to iOS programmers. Cold has been involved in every stage of the software development cycle and would be a great resource for anyone to utilize on any project they are looking to implement in the mobile space.

If you would like to pursue a contracting oppurtunity with Cold and Logical, all inquiries can be sent to Requests for an updated resume can also be sent to the same email address. A response will be sent in a timely manner. Thank you for considering working with Cold and Logical!

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    Cold and Logical was founded in 2009 as a basement programming project. Within the first year, we pushed our first three apps to the Apple app store. Expect even more in the future!

  • About Cold of Cold and Logical

    Ryan "Cold" Bush of Cold and Logical is the founder and main developer. He graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science. He has held many industry jobs and currently works in industry as a contractor.

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