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Cold and Logical was originally founded in September of 2009. Ryan "Cold" Bush is the founder and main developer for the entire company. Cold was born and grew up in Denver, Colorado. He went to Colorado School of Mines and graduated in 2008 with a Bachelors degree in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Before graduating, Cold was hired to Lockheed Martin, a national name in defense contracting. While there he worked on serveral projects while maintainging a secret level security clearence. However, Cold quickly learned that the slow pace of defense contracting and the relatively stale work environment was very combersome. In 2009, Cold realized that Lockheed Martin wasn't the place for him, and took an oppurtunity to leave the company. The next day he started looking at iOS programming and has never looked back.

Within 3 months, Cold completely taught himself Objective-C and the iOS Software Development Kit from scratch, utilizing only online resources. The release of Cold and Logical's first app, Tien Len, was deplorable by his standards today. "I look back at the horrible user interface, the terrible memory management, incredibly lacking features and only now realize how much I have grown in such a short time."

Over the course of the next year, Cold released 2 more applications before deciding to dive back into the industry. He started working at Tata Consultory Services, a global contracting company, in August of 2010. By October, he was contracted to Apple in Cupertino, California. In 2011, Cold moved back to Denver and begin working for one of the largest iOS companies that focused in the jailbroken market, Intelliborn.

While there he worked on IntelliScreenX. The solitary development environment was not interactive enough and Cold and Intelliborn parted ways in June of 2011. Cold began contracting again and started running contracts with many companies over the next few years. Today, he has tons of industry experience and the praise of many past coworkers and managers. His sights are set on the future.

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    Cold and Logical was founded in 2009 as a basement programming project. Within the first year, we pushed our first three apps to the Apple app store. Expect even more in the future!

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    Ryan "Cold" Bush of Cold and Logical is the founder and main developer. He graduated from Colorado School of Mines with a BS in Mathematics and Computer Science. He has held many industry jobs and currently works in industry as a contractor.

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